Holistic observation for the Care CertificateOur much anticipated holistic observation capabilities will be launched on the evening of 22nd March 2016, and as we hinted in an earlier post in February, the benefits for managers and staff are really exciting!

New Ways to Record Observations

As we said in that previous article, we have been working closely with some of our national customers and partners to design new capabilities for managers to record staff observations against Care Certificate outcomes within our assessment and continuous competence recording system. These new features – we call them Holistic Observation – will be released to our customers on 22nd March. Here are the essential facts to help you maximise the benefits in your setting:

Time Savings for Managers and Staff

One observation, multiple outcomes: We know that managers are busy. Our new features save managers time by allowing them to observe practice and apply the observation appropriately to multiple outcomes.

Existing customers will no longer need to use the interim ‘Demonstrate’ modules: instead, staff can save time by only taking the Care Certificate knowledge assessments. Managers then need only to observe their member of staff’s practice and carry out the corresponding supervision, supported by high quality evidence of their staff members’ competence and safety to practice.

When Will Holistic Observations be Available?

The new holistic observation module will be available to customers from the evening of 22nd March 2016.

How Will I Access the new Holistic Observation features?

The new features will be available to managers via the dashboard buttons in the manager portal page. If you are a manager and cannot see the new features after they have been released please get in touch with our Support team for assistance.

What Plans Exist for Future Developments?

The principle of observation is an integral part of the Care Certificate and is a integral part of our ‘Know – Understand – Do’ methodology. We have embedded this principle within our assessment and continuous competence recording solution for the Care Certificate first, but we will be expanding this to other core subjects in the future, too – subjects like: Medication, Moving and Handling, First Aid and Fire Safety. Let us know if you would like to discuss the extension of our holistic observation method to these subjects. We will also be releasing regular updates and new capabilities as part of our standard quarterly release schedule.

Holistic Observation – New Tools
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