At the Grey Matter Group, we have always valued the process of gathering and recording high quality evidence and observations to support decisions about staff members’ safety to practice. We are about to raise the value of evidence gathering to managers. Read on to find out how.

Before the Care Certificate

Even before the Care Certificate was introduced in April 2015 we built our solutions with evidence at the very heart of the process. We support managers to quickly measure their staff members’ competence online, by delivering assessments and targeted eLearning to address only the identified gaps in knowledge. We reduced the need for costly and time-consuming refresher training. But we always stopped short of making this gathering and review of evidence mandatory before verifying that a member of staff was safe to practice. That is about to change…


Evidence is even more important now

The Care Certificate, the new CQC Regualtions and the KLOEs have done much to change the culture around competence and evidence. In the many conversations we have with customers every day we hear how CQC have asked to see evidence of a staff member’s practice and the observations which support decisions about competence and safety to practice. To be clear: a training matrix is no longer enough to demonstrate good and safe practice.


Helping us to help you

We believe that verified evidence of safe practice and high quality observations against the 49 observable outcomes in the Care Certificate are the foundation of continuous improvement in health and social care provision.

And because we believe it, we are making manager sign-off of a staff member’s Care Certificate contingent on the manager having reviewed the evidence and observed practice in that staff member’s continuous competence record. Don’t worry – this is not as hard as it sounds! Our holistic observation service lets you apply a single observation to multiple outcomes and record this as evidence that can be shown to the inspector when they call. In addition, our reporting service allows managers to quickly identify unverified evidence and observations, which can then be reviewed and verified centrally. Doing this ‘unlocks’ the ability to sign off the Care Certificate for a staff member, safe in the knowledge that a complete evidence record is available for inspection.

Evidence is important
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