Ongoing Learning and DevelopmentNew Skills For Care Guidance was issued this summer. As always, The Grey Matter Group aim to provide you with timely updates on learning and competency in our sector.

Recently Skills for Care released two new guidance documents that I’d like to bring to your attention:

Ongoing Learning and Development
Induction, Learning and Development
Both pieces of guidance are significant because they make it clear that competence and assessment of competence are the starting point for any Learning and Development Plan; further proof that we are seeing a culture change in the sector around learning, development and fitness to practice.

In fact, the flowchart on page 12 of the Ongoing Learning and Development document describes:

“Complete and record annual holistic assessment of competency”

Page 9 is titled:

“Assess the success of learning”

which almost exactly matches our competence flowchart.
We know that it’s not easy to keep on top of all of the information and constant change within the sector. Our aim at Grey Matter is to save you time in ensuring your staff are all competent and fit to be caring.

To learn more about holistic assessments and the Grey Matter Competence Recording System – register for a short and informative webinar or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team of advisors for a chat and a free trial on 0345 873 0373

Both of the Skills for Care documents are available in our
resource library on our website, we’ve even highlighted the key points to save you time.
In a sector where change is constant and time is limited, The Grey Matter Group are here to support you to ensure the best from your staff team. Utilising our systems and support we can save you time and money. We’re always interested in hearing from you; if you’ve got any suggestions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch.


New Skills For Care Guidance

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