Export to PDF and Excel are some of our most requested features. This quarter we have been working closely with some of our key residential care partners to provide new export features that make it even simpler to evidence knowledge and understanding against the Care Certificate outcomes.

“Our assessment product is already designed to capture robust evidence of fitness to practice in Health and Social Care,” said Pam Darroch, Quality Assurance and Service Improvement Manager at The Grey Matter Group. “Now we’re focusing on adding features that allow busy managers to extract that robust data and use it for compliance monitoring.”

New Features

Options to export to PDF format for an individual or group of learners:

  • a learning needs analysis
  • a complete history of assessment results against Care Certificate outcomes
  • evidence of learning added by a staff member or manager (or supervisor, buddy, etc.)
  • a complete verification history showing whether evidence has been verified by a manager (or supervisor, buddy, etc.)

To access the new .PDF export feature, log in to the portal, click on the administration button, search for the people you wish to report against and click to export these results.

Options to export reports by subject to XLSX and the older XLS file formats for detailed analysis and processing in common spreadsheet formats.

To access the new spreadsheet exports, click on ‘reports’ then ‘by subject’, build your report using the report filters and select the export options you require:

  • export staff
  • export groups
  • export subject
  • export sign off

Options to prevent staff from taking multiple assessments now switched on by default for all organisations

Our trials with this feature switched on by default have yielded very positive feedback from the customer community. Typical feedback indicates that preventing staff from retaking multiple assessments is a simple measure that delivers a clearer picture of real understanding and practice, and provides greater accuracy in reporting metrics.

Making Use of These Features in Service Improvement

The teams we are working with have already made good use of these new features to monitor learning and provide a detailed understanding of compliance in their teams and organisations. And with new features being added to these regularly, we will continue to add value to busy care providers.

“From my discussions with providers, I know how important good data is in underpinning effective decision making on service improvement,” said Pam. “It is vital that organisations have the data that they need to make accurate judgements at the level of the organisation. It is also vital that managers can drill down into that data to extract detailed evidence of learning needs, new learning and the impact of learning on practice.”

Export to PDF and Excel: New Features Added
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